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The wiki would tell about the bus and tram lines and routes in Alleron City.
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Alleron City is a fictional city that was in Minecraft.

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This is a wiki of a company called Alleron Transport Inc. (Alleron Bus and Tram).

The company opened in 1987 serving from Titanic - Jumeirah.

Then the company bustles their revenue in about 20%.

In present, the company served more than 50 million people.


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The company built bus and tram lines:

Alleron Bus :

  • Titanic - Alleron Mall - Grand Central
  • Grand Central - Snow Valley
  • Titanic - GSX Airport
  • Grand Central - GSX Airport

Alleron Tram:  

  • Titanic - Jumeirah
  • Jumeirah - Grand Central
  • Jumeirah - Mountainside

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